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We believe intuitive and effective software should be available to everyone, running proficiently, promoting your bottom line; not just becoming another headache. Our customers don’t have time to learn a new system, or spend hours shopping and researching the ‘best’ solution for occupation specific software, they just want to “run the business”. One of the most common initial responses when a potential client explores our software is, “It can’t be that good if it’s that cheap!” followed quickly by “But it’s so good, why it is that cheap? I spent thousands on software that's not half this good!” We believe you do not have to obtain a business loan to cover the basics and everyone should retain the ability to customize their own solutions without the need for a local ‘nerd’. We request you come to your own conclusions as you explore our Stackable Software platform and humbly thank you for your consideration.

How Stackable Software Works

Turn your business into a well oiled machine

Combine one or more Applications to start improving efficiency

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Tactical Analysis and Breifing System

TABs is a mobile / desktop scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and reporting software. Manage your fleet visually and real-time with GPS, integrated chat, scheduling, and integrated time clock features.


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Open Business System

Point of Sale, Accounting, E-Commerce, Inventory, Quoting, Purchase Orders, and much more for Large and Small Business. One of Open Business System's largest benefits is its capability to integrate and manage online sales.


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Durable CMS

An innovative Content Management System to instantly update, create, manage, import, and advertise your websites content without a web developer from the comfort of a laptop, desktop, tablet, or even a cell phone.


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Training & Policy System

A powerful audit, compliance, and record keeping solution for public & private business. TAPs also doubles as an course and training software for Instructors and Educators.


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Document Archiver

A document management system that converts paper documents to digital, renames, organizes, and manages files into one consolidated database.


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Sign Controller

Remotely manage Digital Displays, Digital Kiosks, or Menu Boards. Directly stream tickers and display live feeds, hold contests, and trivia events.


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Management Applications For All Industries

Consortium Software offers applications, and solutions for all industries. Within our Stackable Software suite you will always find an application that can better your business. From the cash register, to back office management, or for those working in the field, We got you covered. Our applications work with one another to unify all the departments that make up your business and strengthens them, to make your business run as seamlessly as possible.

Online applications for all industries